Areas of Practice - Lobbying

Our Senior Partner, Oliver H. Barber, Jr., was sent to the State Capitol of Kentucky, in Frankfort, by Federal Judge Edward Johnstone in 1985.

The Judge asked Barber to educate the General Assembly about the Civil Rights Violations that were being visited on the Kentucky Prison System due to inmate overcrowding and mistreatment. 

Since that time, our office has represented several private non-profit entities.

At this time, our office represents the following corporations on governmental matters in Frankfort:


Kentucky Public Transit Association

Boys & Girls Clubs Kentucky

Boys & Girls Clubs U.S.A. (on licensure)

Kentucky Acupuncture Association

Louisville Soccer Alliance


This legal and governmental representation, depending on the client, consists of:

  • Drafting and working to enact authorization and legislation.
  • Writing testimony and preparing witnesses for Legislative hearing.
  • Encouraging the organization of client’s caucuses to focus on a client’s educational priorities.
  • Working with cabinet-level multi-agency commissions to advance a client’s interests.
  • Helping develop and manage large-scale Frankfort and Louisville events, including securing speakers from the House, State and Legislative Governments.
  • Implementing a “grassroots” and public relations component to demonstrate the economic and employment impact of the issue.
  • Serving as the press and electronic media contact for explanations and background briefings regarding a client’s interest in particular legislative matters.
  • Joining with similarly situated advocacy to form winning strategic coalitions.

Our value is further demonstrated in our ability to coordinate the mutual interest and multiple strengths of many of clients.

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